CONNECT your guests, COLLECT information about their behaviour, ENGAGE with them through advertising and promotions.
We Turn Your Wi-Fi Social and bring new traffic to your venue !


Wifi hospitality: The first digital welcome

A great – and free – Wi-Fi connection is a key criteria when choosing lodgings.
Made to suit any type of business from small guesthouse or camping site to five star establishments, UCOPIA provides a flexible and easy solution to connect guests securely and let them communicate with their friends and family. Were you aware that customers were running for the Wi-Fi connection in less than 5 minutes when arriving in a hotel?

Wifi hospitality: a helpful hand to better understand your customers.

With the tough competition on the hospitality market, big platform are gathering the essentials datas from your clients to enrich their database. With the development of a wifi hospitality, you will be able to capitalise on your network to get in touch with tem in real-time.

Wi-Fi Analytics & Wi-Fi Marketing services allow the venue to gather data on their guests and to promote their offers in real-time through advertising campaigns.
The establishment can thus design loyalty programs and promote its business through targeted marketing campaigns.


  • Simple and easy to connect to Wi-Fi
  • Guest access in their own language
  • High bandwidth for premium guests
  • Integration with existing IT
  • No additional work from staff to support guests’ access
  • Deeper customer engagement (deliver offers, vouchers, promote local services)
  • Connection data storage to comply with European Data Protection Regulation


  • Easy to deploy, easy to operate Wi-Fi and independent guest access all-inone solution
  • Fast login and authentication
  • PMS compliance (FIDELIO certification)
  • Support of 16 different languages (including European, Chinese, Russian, Arabic)
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Push messages in real time to increase customer engagement
  • Manage and store sessions & activity logs

To go further, discover advices on how to build a Proximity Marketing journey.

«Our aim was to be able to provide our customers with free, high-speed wireless Internet access, and to comply with legislation whilst reusing our telephony cabling for a customer base of demanding business people. We are very satisfied with the UCOPIA solution. All of the staff appreciate how easy it is to manage and our customers are delighted to finally be able to connect securely to a wireless network. »

Pierre Bayle,
Director of the Hotel Atrium (Blagnac – Haute Garonne)

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