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UCOPIA solutions are designed to sequence the different user paths of our customers to create added value at each point of digital contact. In addition to being an expert connectivity software publisher, we support our customers and our reseller network to capitalize on Wi-Fi technology to connect, collect and engage customers.

Connect your users:

This is the first step and often the big jump for the end user in your digital ecosystem. Like online browsing, the margin of error is extremely small and the optimization must focus on the end-user experience. Signage, Call-to-Action, incentive, the acquisition of the users of your network can be defined  to support your brand, messaging and target audience.

Collect qualitative data:

Although it is legally mandatory to collect data as soon as a public access point is offered, the data is as sensitive to process as it is to use. UCOPIA’s qualification and analytics tools help you refine your knowledge of your customers to better communicate  in a legally compliant way (GDPR).

Engage your customers:

Consumers are no longer waiting and detached. They want to live experiences and contribute to the brand’s activity. Whether intentionally or anecdotally, your customers are your first ambassadors and will salute your efforts to offer new services in line with their expectations.

Wi-Fi has become a must for many companies today. We listen carefully to customer feedback in order to maintain our customer-centric approach to product development.

Florian Galby, 

Wi-Fi solutions and features


Discover the different Wi-Fi features available through our UCOPIA solutions or access our dedicated resources directly. To share more about your customer journey and UX issues, we are at your disposal.

You can also discover our portfolio of use cases to feed you new ideas for your business and create new customer experiences.




STEP 1: Design access management and Wi-Fi connectivity

To optimize the connection rate and reach the critical threshold – both usable data and to broadcast your digital ecosystem – users need to be able to connect quickly and easily.

With the built-in authentication mechanisms in UCOPIA solutions, choose how to easily and securely connect your users to your Wi-Fi while maintaining the consistency of your brand story.

Zero configuration

UCOPIA makes connecting easy with no prior installation and no tech support needed for the network users.

Social authentication

Users can choose to login to the network using their favourite social network including Facebook, Twitter and Google+


Welcome visiting students to a new campus by automatically identifying and connecting students to the local network with no added administrative hassle.

Secure identification

UCOPIA includes a RADIUS server to ensure a high level of security for employees and can interface with any type of directory to verify that login information is correct.

Credential provisioning options

SMS, email, printing, App, voucher, customizable tickets.

User account self-management

Reduce administration by giving users the right to recover lost passwords, change personal account settings, manage lost or stolen devices, get a purchase summary for online payment and much more.

The UCOPIA application

The UCOPIA application is available for free download from the Apple Store and Google Play. It facilitates the creation of user accounts and allows the delegation tool to be used directly on a smartphone or tablet. It can also be integrated directly into an existing application.


Ucopia IoT enables the management of autonomous devices integrated into the administration interface. Ucopia helps you identify these devices and grant them network access using Ucopia profiles (Express and Advance). You can analyse devices (IoT), authorise or ban them and then control their use.

STEP 2: Set up, as you like, your Wi-Fi hotspots

Users are expecting a tailored experience. UCOPIA features and solutions therefore allow you to manage several simultaneous login pages that you can easily modify using the Graphic Editing Studio.

It’s up to you to discover your users to create different scenarios of uses to make them live an incomparable experience.

Oracle Micros certified

UCOPIA is certified by Micros as a proven partner to Oracle PMS systems. Certification guarantees an easy implementation particularly for hotels and restaurants.

Online Payment Options

Offer different payment options through secure and trusted online sites such as PayPal and Ogone. Different connection packages can be predetermined to best suit the end-users and facilitate their connection.

URL filtering

As part of the access management functions, URL filtering is available and standard levels of filtering based on age-appropriate content is offered for a quick setup as well as Google Safe-Search functions.

BYOD access management

Give more access rights to your employees, than to your guests, by letting them authenticate from your Active Directory on their personal Device. Benefit from the deep granularity of U COPIA profiles to adapt users access rights based on connection time, connection zone, or device.

Simple portal customization

Use an intuitive login page editor from the administration tool or embed your own code directly for a fully personalized access experience.

Languages supported

UCOPIA portals are offered in 16 languages to meet customer needs around the globe.

Easy visitor log-in

Sign on one time only; UCOPIA remembers your device authentication details for the duration specified by the administrator.

Automatic page redirection

To increase your website traffic and your visibility, redirect directly your customers to your website as they login.




STEP 3: Easily deploy a major innovation

After more than 15 years of expertise in the field of connectivity, Weblib retains the agility and flexibility to meet customer needs and adapt to technological developments.

Wired and wireless network integration

Manage the access to your wired and wireless networks with a single solution that integrates with any kind of existing network.

Manufacturer compatibility

By being vendor agnostic, UCOPIA is able to offer compatibility with the major Wi-Fi manufacturers on the market.

Directory Integration

UCOPIA provides a powerful tool to facilitate integration with existing internal directories such as LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory.

Virtual Environment integration

Both UCOPIA Advance and Express are available integrated in hardware or as virtual appliances in VMware environments. All features are available in both models.

UWS (UCOPIA Web Services)

Connect to a comprehensive management platform to oversee and manage all your UCOPIA controllers from a single point. 24/7 remote access gives administrators the ability to manage and support their users at any time. Replicate portals and profiles from one controller to many in no time.


Minimize the hardware costs while providing an adaptable and high performance solution for guest management. UCOPIA is available in a wide variety of license sizes as well as a flexible-license offer.

Private Cloud Options

Deliver UCOPIA as a service by integrating the technology directly into your datacenter. This option ensures a tight control of the data that passes through the network and works as a safeguard for this valuable information.

Flexible architecture

UCOPIA can be implemented in a wide variety of environments suited to fit all verticals and all network topologies. Create the best design for your needs choosing from on premise, distributed, cloud-based, and clustered architectures.

Clustering options

To ensure an 24/24h service, set up Ucopia redundancy based on active/standby controllers clusters. To support high density environments, set up Ucopia load balancing based on active / active controllers clusters. Both technologies can be used simultaneously.

STEP 4: Legal aspects and customer experience

Complying with legal obligations is a first step in the provision of a Wi-Fi hotspot. Collecting the personal data of your users will help you and your brand stand out from mass communication by offering personalised marketing and support for a more relevant experience.

Legal obligation compliance

Anti-terrorism law and GDPR

Generate network reports

Creating regularly scheduled reports from the network information is simple with UCOPIA. The reporting tools offer downloadable PDF’s or the opportunity to send reports by email.

Data Collection

Collect all the user information valuable for marketing purposes (mail, phone number, addresses, customized fields, …). Search into and export in CSV format this data.




STEP 5: Focus on customer uses

Take the time to understand the use of your Wi-Fi network and the behaviour of your guests to optimize your business. UCOPIA solutions offer a direct communication channel, that is enhanced by the power of the analytics services available to you.

STEP 6: Cultivate customer relationships

After better understanding the needs of your customers, maintain this emerging relationship to retain your customers. Adjust your communication to market trends by developing a quality content offering and monetize your Wi-Fi branding strategy.

User Analytics

The administration platform offers a variety of useful user analytics including the information gleaned from Social logins. This makes it possible to launch intelligent marketing campaigns targeting end-users.

Wi-Fi Marketing and Web Injection

Enhance your shoppers, fans, or guests experience, by pushing the right message at the right time to the right people. And generate additional revenue.