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Portail Wi-Fi entreprises : une innovation digitale pour tous

A captive portal?

The “Captive Portal” is the authentication page that allows your various users to access your secure Wi-Fi network. Made to measure according to your graphic charter and your projects, you can thus enhance Internet access or highlight new services to optimise the return on investment.

Our customers

More than 600 UCOPIA solutions have been deployed in large public places around the world to support the digital transformation of stadiums, airports, etc., including

  • Edgbaston Cricket Ground
  • Accor Hotel Arena
  • The Stade de France
  • Senegal Connect

A secure quality WiFi solution for your public events

UCOPIA Boosts your Wi-Fi with the power of social networks!

UCOPIA allows the public to share the moment. Host hundreds of thousands of users with different profiles and devices, while guaranteeing unlimited performance and experience. Do you want or need to find out more to better meet your customers’ expectations? Discover now the different methods to better support the customer experience during your events or in large public places.

How to think about your Wi-Fi offer for events and large public places?

  • find the right size
  • combine exclusive services
  • work on an engaging POS display
  • define differentiating customer paths
  • optimise the visibility of your partners

Venues that welcome the public can communicate targeted advertisements and send quality information to encourage visitor loyalty and generate more sales. But these different engagement levers are only the tip of the iceberg that is the challenge of digital transformation. New mobile uses require organisers to rethink their engagement and loyalty strategies.

Public places and events attracting large crowds are notorious for the low bandwidth available to mobile users, both in terms of 3G/4G networks and Wi-Fi. The result is a limited flow for a huge number of users, who often want to stream videos and share their experiences on social networks, not just send “simple” SMS messages.

The amount of data transferred every second can therefore quickly become overwhelming, and put a strain on existing wifi networks – where they exist. In this context, offering quality temporary Wi-Fi can allow all attendees to have temporary internet access, and for the provider of this service, it is an opportunity to collect valuable information and engage their guests.

“The level of customisation of the UCOPIA solution is unmatched by any other guest management solution we have considered.”

Amir Vered
Olympia London

Making every event a connected event

From experience, any Wi-Fi specialist will tell you that before an event, future guests enter keys such as “wifi evenementiel, wifi pour event” in their favourite search engines, which clearly demonstrates the importance to them of the organiser providing an effective temporary Internet solution. This is true for festive events, with the notions of “wifi concert” and “wifi festival”, for example, but also in the professional context, with a strong demand for a “wifi meeting” that will allow smooth presentations, regardless of the volume of data to be processed.

At present, our “thirst” for web connection seems inexhaustible, and when an event is significant, those present logically wish to share it with as many of their contacts as possible – most often through social networks. Let’s take the example of an open-air music festival, because most of the time, this type of event takes place on a vast surface with limited coverage by the telephone operators’ networks. Faced with this situation, festival-goers will want Internet access for events that meets their expectations in terms of sending photos and videos, especially on Facebook or Twitter.

The temporary Wifi network as a marketing tool 2.0

All too often, event organisers – or the “managers” of a busy public venue – only see WiFi as an Internet access, and so accept that it may potentially be slow in the event of a massive influx. However, as we have seen previously, if the speed is not sufficient, the people present will not be able to fully share the moment, which may cause some inconvenience.

This would be all the more regrettable as it should be understood that wifi for temporary events can play a major role in a marketing strategy. In fact, if places welcoming the public are often “decorated” with all kinds of advertising panels, the public is less and less receptive. At the same time, digital transformation is an imperative, as new mobile uses allow new methods of engagement and loyalty – provided, of course, that you understand all the ins and outs.

When your guests connect to the Wifi, they are first of all on an authentication page, which is in reality a “captive portal”, on which you can pass on several messages, and take advantage of this to – in compliance with the RGPD – have the famous cookies accepted. Let’s not forget that the name you give to the network is also able to transmit information to your audience, for example “The star of your concert uses our product X to stay in shape every night! You also stay in control of the redirect page, which can point to your website or social media pages.

“UCOPIA offers a level of professionalism and customisation that is unrivalled in the market and has enabled us, via the Wi-Fi Marketing module, to deploy new digital channels; making our Wi-Fi a self-financing commercial platform. In the end, we are the ones who benefit from free Wi-Fi!”

Sean Miller, 
Digital Media Producer à Edgbaston

A Wi-Fi marketing specialist at your side

Since 2002, UCOPIA has been providing its customers throughout the world with very high quality Wi-Fi, whether it is fixed or a temporary Internet connection. To do this, UCOPIA’s teams have acquired first-rate technical skills, and they are therefore able to intervene in all types of environments: festival internet, wifi in a concert stadium, in open-air public places, etc.

Beyond this mastery of the technical aspects intrinsic to the subject, if UCOPIA has already deployed more than 12,000 of its solutions, such success can also be explained by the company’s know-how in the use of Wi-Fi as a “tactic” that fits in with its clients’ marketing strategy. Indeed, as inbound marketing continues to gain ground, to engage prospects without ever giving them the unpleasant feeling of being pushed into a purchase or “used”, connecting to a high-performance Wi-Fi is a clever and effective way to drive them to a particular web page, for example.

In fact, with a partner such as UCOPIA by your side, you can benefit from double support, both on the IT side and on the marketing side, and this support will begin before the event and continue right up to the day of the event, and even beyond, in the interpretation and use of the results.

In conclusion, events – concerts, trade fairs, mass meetings, festivals, etc. – and large public places are undoubtedly the best places to be. – In conclusion, events – concerts, trade fairs, large-scale meetings, festivals, etc. – and large public places are undoubtedly difficult to cover with a sufficiently efficient wifi network. In fact, it is not easy to allow all the guests and people present to connect with a more than correct speed. However, in addition to providing a service that will please the public, it is an opportunity for the organiser to collect data on potential customers, to refine the definition of his buyer persona, but also to deploy a new form of communication, inexpensive and nevertheless very relevant. In this context, support from a trusted company, such as Ucopia, appears to be the ideal solution for maximising the effectiveness of the deployment of these outdoor WiFi solutions, without taking up the precious time of the company’s marketers.

Digital and user experience: the need for wi-fi at events and large public places.

The UCOPIA solutions installed can meet the expectations of brands but above all of customers thanks to Wi-Fi for events and large public places. It is a gateway to the digital ecosystem of the brand or the event.

CONNECT your guests, COLLECT information on their behaviour and ENGAGE them through offers and promotional campaigns to complete your Data-Driven strategies thanks to the wi-fi solutions for events and large public places.

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