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Portail Wi-Fi entreprises : une innovation digitale pour tous


A captive portal?

The “Captive Portal” is the authentication page that allows your various users to access your secure Wi-Fi network. Custom-made according to your graphic charter and your projects, you can thus enhance Internet access or highlight new services to optimize the return on investment.

Our customers

More than 2,000 UCOPIA solutions have been deployed in companies, from SMEs to major accounts, throughout the world to support their digital transformation.

Wi-Fi Enterprises: the start of the digital journey

The implementation of a corporate Wi-Fi architecture has now become essential. In order to improve user comfort and encourage better adaptation to new nomadic working methods, the Wi-Fi network is no longer a simple Internet access. Nevertheless, such an approach requires compliance with a number of regulatory constraints, from the captive portal to the management of connection logs. Companies must be careful about IT security because a poorly controlled Wi-Fi network can increase the risk of cyber attacks or malicious intrusions. In this context, UCOPIA offers turnkey solutions that are easy to configure and install.

Wi-Fi Enterprises, the answer for mobility!

Enterprise mobility means connectivity wherever the employee is and whatever device they chooses to use to connect. It may be at the office, at home, in a hotel; with a corporate laptop or a personal smartphone. Their connection to the network should be easy and secure with a personalised experience.

Enterprises needs :

Management of mobility and BYOD (Bring your own device)
Authenticate and authorise for secure connectivity
Control session bandwidth
Support any type of client
Control access locally or from a central Network Operations Centre
Precisely define each users or groups’ access rights

UCOPIA provides :

Audited and certified as a secure access solution from ANSSI (the French Security Agency)
Host sponsored login credentials for visitors with reporting and accountability
BYOD and Network Access Control
A flexible, scalable architecture that integrates with all existing IP and security infrastructures (directory services, authentication mechanisms and firewalls)
Compliance and accountability to report on use (Anti-terrorism and GDPR)

In a company, employees and visitors need to connect both their business equipment (BYOD or business use of personal devices).

UCOPIA helps to manage mobility while ensuring a high level of security.

The challenges of enterprise Wi-Fi deployment

The installation of corporate Wi-Fi is no longer considered a luxury. It meets the requirements of modern organisational methods, involving nomadism, responsiveness and performance. Thanks to Wi-Fi, your employees can move around without constraints and benefit from quality Internet access at any location. The organisation of meetings is simplified, as is collaborative work.
Each employee can move around with their laptop and tablet and work without having to leave their workstation. Offering Wi-Fi access to visitors is also an added value that will help cultivate your brand image and simplify the work of your service providers.

This access should be easy, ideally available via self-authentication or sponsorship, and should not impact on business operations.
Organisations with large numbers of visitors, training centres or buildings with multiple businesses recognise the importance of self-service or sponsored access more than any other organisation. For these organisations, the Wi-Fi network becomes much more than a cost centre and allows enterprise Wi-Fi to become an everyday asset

Enterprise mobility means internet access for employees, wherever they are, whatever device they are using. Whether in the office, at home, in a hotel with a desktop laptop or a personal smartphone. It is important to ensure that they can connect to the network easily and securely.

Enterprise Wi-Fi architecture and security

Despite technical advances, there are some constraints to setting up corporate Wi-Fi, particularly in terms of security. While the RGPD encourages companies to strengthen their IT security to limit the risk of data leakage, it is necessary to deploy an enterprise wifi solution that is both reliable and valuable. Restricting usage too much can hinder a company’s technological growth, while opening up too much puts sensitive data at risk. It is therefore essential to offer secure and independent access to third parties or strangers who visit the company’s premises. The creation of specific profiles on the visiting Wi-Fi network in parallel with the internal network is an interesting alternative in terms of IT security, but it raises other issues. Wi-Fi hotspots become the first elements that protect the company’s digital space. Indeed, this type of network is considered to be public and generates a certain number of responsibilities that fall to managers, who are sometimes ill-informed or unprepared for the constraints of Wi-Fi regulations in companies.

Wi-Fi, a familiar and essential space for simplifying meetings and encounters between employees, service providers or clients. It is a welcoming signal that deserves to be worked on!

UCOPIA helps to manage mobility while ensuring a high level of security.

Wifi installation: calling on a specialist service provider

With its experience in the field of corporate Wi-Fi installation, UCOPIA offers professionals a wide range of solutions adapted to each problem. From the precise configuration of the Wi-Fi network, to the creation of a personalised captive portal, including the management of Internet access rights, UCOPIA can help you deploy your company’s Wi-Fi network in full compliance with legal requirements.

All our solutions are created in accordance with the current corporate wifi regulations (Anti-Terrorism Act, RGPD, etc.). Using an external service provider to manage your wifi network allows you to better manage your costs and limit the use of your resources for all maintenance operations. Thanks to a range of tailor-made services, you can choose the formula best suited to your needs, depending on the number of simultaneous connections required and the security options you wish to subscribe to.
Setting up a corporate wifi network is an excellent opportunity to instil a modern and attractive image, while facilitating usage. However, such an approach cannot be improvised and requires real reflection beforehand, particularly with a view to preserving data security. The intervention of a service provider such as UCOPIA aims to optimise the deployment of a reliable and secure Wi-Fi network.

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