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Portail Wi-Fi Education, une opportunité pour révolutionner la formation


A captive portal?

The “Captive Portal” is the authentication page that allows your various users to access your secure Wi-Fi network. Made to measure according to your graphic charter and your projects, you can thus enhance Internet access or highlight new services to optimise the return on investment.

Our customers

More than 1,650 UCOPIA solutions have been deployed in schools, universities and campuses around the world to support their digital transformation, such as the Institut Paul Bocuse:

The evolving needs of Wi-Fi in Education

Mobility is key to Education: teachers, students, staff, everyone moves inside campuses and exchanges information. The Internet is an integral element within the learning process and latest methodologies. But each group doesn’t expect the same from the internal wi-fi network.

Within educational institutions, students, teachers, parents, and staff circulate, meet, access learning resources and exchange information. Finely managed access control is critical to any school, college or University.

Thanks to UCOPIA solutions, you will be able to design your own settings according to the expectation of your differents users.

Education needs

  • To provide different student populations with differentiated access to the network
  • URL filtering
  • Access time limits
  • High-performance access versus bandwidth limited
  • Social media login
  • Ability to communicate important information to the student body
  • Web portal translated in 16 languages

UCOPIA provides :

  • All in one, easy to deploy, easy to use solution
  • Easy to on-board new students and use BYOD policies to manage different devices.
  • QoS and profile based on data volume consumption
  • Flexible architecture: scalable to meet the needs of different locations but able to support high numbers of simultaneous connections
  • Campus mobility: Support for federated authentication services such as EDUROAM and Shibboleth
  • URL filtering
  • Web portal translated in 16 languages
  • Social Media Login

« The UCOPIA solution is good value for money, which is an important factor for a school. By far my favourite benefit is that I really don’t have to do anything. It just works. It’s freed up a lot of my time, which I can now spend on more important tasks. The customer support is great. It’s really refreshing to be able to get hold of someone straight away, who understands exactly how my network is set up and can help me immediately. »

Paul Grewcock, 
IT Director at Ratcliffe College – Leicester, UK

Most efficient and secure educational Wi-Fi solution

Setting up a secure and efficient Wi-Fi network in a school or university environment can be complicated. Why? The implementation of WiFi in schools must take into account the diversity of actors involved in these educational environments. UCOPIA, aware of the challenge of setting up a Wi-Fi installation on the premises of a university, high school, college or school, has developed a unique and effective Wi-Fi solution for the world of education. Thanks to it, all those who work in these premises benefit from a high-performance, simplified and secure Wi-Fi connection (captive portal, secure logging, automatic reconnection, URL filtering, etc.). The analytical side of the digital world is not forgotten in this solution, which also allows the data collected to be analysed in order to improve the services offered or to refine the various
services or to refine the various profiles present on the network.

Wi-Fi in the school environment.

Students, teachers and employees need the flexibility to connect anywhere on campus. We guarantee them access to internal online resources, while protecting them from inappropriate digital content and ensuring the security necessary for their daily browsing.

Wi-Fi School or Wi-Fi Education allows both teachers to use new learning methods and students to connect without risk and according to the rules established by each institution.

Wi-Fi education as a communication lever.

Mobility is key in the educational environment: teachers, students, staff, everyone moves around the campus and exchanges information. The Internet is increasingly becoming part of the learning process.

In any educational institution, students, pupils, teachers, parents and other staff need to access internal resources and exchange information. Fine-grained access control is essential for any school, college or university.

A multi-channel, secure Wi-Fi network to facilitate the work of all school staff

UCOPIA is now offering a Wi-Fi solution for the national education system, which is revolutionising the way people work in digital schools.

Library staff, librarians, secretaries, teachers, principals, headmasters, school directors, pupils and students: it is difficult to take all the players into account when setting up WiFi in schools. With UCOPIA, everyone has easy access to the school’s dedicated resources through a portal that is adapted to each device, each service and easy to use.

Compatible with the various players in the market for WiFi boxes, WiFi terminals or WiFi hotspots, UCOPIA solutions offer access to all internal resources online, including from smartphones, tablets or laptops, wherever you are in the establishment, while ensuring increased data security.

As a leader in the world of access management, UCOPIA assures you that this solution, which can be upgraded over time, guarantees compliance with the Wi-Fi school laws set up in this particular sector, i.e. national education. This includes the Abeille law for nursery schools, which requires that the Wi-Fi connection in class be limited to the time spent working on digital educational resources in order to avoid excessive exposure of children to Wi-Fi waves. But also the Anti-Terrorism law or the General Regulation for the Protection of Personal Data (RGPD).

For all these reasons, renowned schools such as the Institut Paul Bocuse and the Technical University of Eindhoven have called on our services to set up their campus WiFi. In total, more than 1,650 other establishments throughout Europe are equipped with our solutions to cover their Wi-Fi hotspots.

UCOPIA solutions offer a framework for thinking about the School of Tomorrow. Wi-Fi is an intuitive tool that can be transformed into a space for exchange and information. It is a real opportunity that responds to the growing rate of technological equipment.

Wi-Fi Education, customised portals

Smooth, intuitive customised browsing experience

UCOPIA’s bespoke school Wi-Fi captive portal also promotes an exceptional user experience through an easy-to-use and intuitive environment. Whether it’s extending your network and Internet access anywhere you want throughout your school or campus, while notifying your users through a dedicated captive portal for each profile. The management and security of logs are provided natively on all solutions to comply with the legislation in force.

From experience, we know that users in the school and university world need to have secure and available Internet access on the move. Teachers and students regularly change classrooms and need to be able to access a simplified automatic reconnection that respects the Wi-Fi school law.

At UCOPIA, we also understand that the school of tomorrow is a digital school. Much more than a connected classroom or a Wi-Fi campus, the solutions offer the possibility of developing new experiences. Just like companies that monetise their Wi-Fi, the French Ministry of Education also wants to take advantage of the installation of fast Wi-Fi, equipped with sufficient bandwidth, to facilitate the work of all its employees and to collect the data collected in order to analyse it and improve the services it offers to its users.

The Wi-Fi Education solution offered by UCOPIA takes these developments into account and also gives you access to data analysis tools.

UCOPIA’s Wi-Fi Education solution is perfectly suited to the many players in the school of tomorrow. With its expertise in the digital field, our company is best placed to offer all schools that so desire a Wi-Fi solution that is easy to use, intuitive, pleasant, effective and complete, particularly with regard to Wi-Fi school laws such as the Abeille école maternelle law. Not only that, but as Paul Grewcock, Network Manager at Ratcliffe College, a site we have fully equipped, points out, “the customer service is very good and allows you to talk to someone who knows your network inside out if you have a problem. Save time and benefit from our excellent value for money for a successful Wi-Fi installation!

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