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Ucopia and its mission

Ucopia enables all organisations to monetise their WiFi infrastructure. We connect visitors, guests, customers and audiences of any WiFi network in a secure and safe way and enable companies, stadiums, hospitals, cities, airports… to communicate with their users.

We enable Hotspot Management, make it easy to Deploy Services and Collect User Information, Analyse Wireless Network Usage and help our customers Monetise their Wifi and Drive Customer Engagement.

Our goal is to help our clients unlock the potential of their Wi-Fi Network. We do this  with ease, simplicity and intuitive design.

The history of Ucopia

Redefining the parameters of the wireless connectivity sector, Ucopia stands out as a pioneer in the development of highly reliable, high-availability Wi-Fi solutions.

Established in 2002 by visionaries such as Didier Plateau, and strengthened by the expertise of luminaries such as Guy Pujolle, Ucopia has continued to raise the bar when it comes to innovative technologies.

At the forefront of Wi-Fi connectivity, Ucopia deploys advanced solutions that secure and optimise connections for a wide range of entities, from businesses and stadiums to hospitals, cities and airports. Combining ease of use and performance, its services enable not only optimal management of hotspots, but also advanced data collection and intelligent analysis of user behaviour.

Ucopia’s meteoric rise is illustrated by its international deployment.

Just a few years after the launch of its commercial operations in 2004, more than 12,000 solutions had been deployed worldwide, establishing Ucopia as the undisputed leader in the field of Wi-Fi access management.

Eager to integrate Ucopia’s innovation capabilities and technological know-how, the Weblib group, a leader in digital transformation, acquired the company at the end of 2019. This strategic partnership has resulted in a pooling of resources and skills, consolidating their dominant position with over 180,000 hotspots deployed worldwide.

Despite this merger, the Ucopia name remains not only as a product brand but also as a symbol of excellence and high technology within the Weblib group’s portfolio of solutions. This is testament to Ucopia’s undisputed reputation and international reach, validating its original mission of unlocking the maximum potential of Wi-Fi networks for its customers around the world.

The Weblib Group

Founded in 2009, Weblib is more than just a software company: it is an innovation laboratory and a leader in the field of Wi-Fi connectivity and mobile device management. With a global presence in more than 80 countries, from France to Germany, from the UK to the UAE, Weblib embodies the quintessence of digital transformation at an international level.

Weblib’s mission goes beyond connectivity. The company is shaping the future of secure communication, deploying its cutting-edge technologies in a multitude of environments, both public and private. Whether you’re in a corporate headquarters, an international airport, a hospital, a shopping centre or even a university, Weblib is the backbone that ensures seamless connectivity and efficient equipment monitoring.

Backed by a global network of partners, distributors and resellers, Weblib provides first-class support to all its customers, wherever they are. Over the years, Weblib has demonstrated a keen sense of strategy by making four major acquisitions, including that of Ucopia, a leader in Wi-Fi connectivity, as well as AWADAC and Smilein, two mobile payment players. Each of these acquisitions not only broadened its portfolio, but also consolidated its status as an undisputed catalyst for digital transformation.

The secret of Weblib’s success lies in its unwavering commitment to innovation. The company is not simply reactive to changes in the technological landscape; it anticipates them. By making innovation its core business and putting its people at the heart of its development model, Weblib is constantly forging new paths, setting new standards for the industry as a whole.

The group’s ambition: to become a world leader in digital transformation.

Graphique représentant l'histoire de weblib et d'ucopia