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The advantages of Ucopia Lite Wifi: Guarantee simple, efficient and secure connectivity for your users

The Lite solution was created to meet the expectations of European SMEs and VSEs with a view to simplified connectivity. With simple operation, each local business (bars, hotels, restaurants, shops, etc.) can offer a WiFi access point respecting legal constraints. Express Lite allows for easy customization of your customers’ login page to allow them to log in using social media or an authentication form.

Connect, Collect and Engage your users! Put customer needs at the heart of your strategy: offer a secure connection, analyze data to better understand your customers and create tailor-made wifi marketing campaigns. An effective way to engage customers and monetize your WiFi.

Use your WiFi as a digital solution to reconnect and communicate with customers, employees, visitors, users, patients…

The different Ucopia Wifi solutions

Ucopia solutions meet the needs of many sectors and allow you to identify your employees and guests by integrating with all the elements of your network (firewall, Wi-Fi, proxy, directories, etc.). All flows from or to the user pass through the controller or the Ucopia cloud in order to guarantee security, simplify coupling with the LAN, facilitate administration, and improve user comfort.

Depending on the range chosen, Ucopia Lite, Ucopia Express, Ucopia Advance, Ucopia Cloud, the technical characteristics and functionalities may differ (simultaneous connections, servers, licenses, compatibility, multi-site, architecture, customization, etc.). Ucopia Express can manage up to 250 terminals connected simultaneously, and is very easy to install in the network infrastructure.

simultaneous connections
equipped sites
experts mobilized on a daily basis

Ucopia Lite features



Wifi complies with industry security standards (access management and strong authentication) as well as data protection laws (GDPR).

Simple architecture

Une architecture simple sur site pour garantir une compatibilité matérielle universelle, une stabilité, une simplicité d’installation et d’utilisation avec jusqu’à 30 connexions simultanées.

Authentification simple

Several possible authentication methods: user name, social networks, certificates, SMS access codes, etc.

Simple customization

Customization of the simple, fast and easy-to-use login portal.

Wifi Analytics

Track WiFi usage and connections with a monitoring and data collection tool. Find out how many customers are returning to your establishments, their age range, gender and country of origin, with a few filters.

Optimize the experience at all stages of the customer journey with your Ucopia Lite Wifi solution

mockup téléphone avec intégration d'une interface de connexion wifi

Before :

Unknown visitor, encourage them to connect to WiFi: informative or advertising image/video, competitions, etc.

Start collecting data: Anti-terrorism law of 2006 “it is obligatory to keep user connection information for a period of 1 year.”

During :

Connection and access to the establishment’s service portal.

Conservation of all session information, traffic, URLs, etc. All data is available in the form of tables and/or can be exported in SQL format

After :

Data analysis (client login, source @IP/@MAC, requested URLs, etc.)

Use of these to establish marketing, communication, loyalty strategies, etc.

Ucopia Lite Wifi with use cases adapted to all sectors of activity


Controlled WiFi access with rights management based on profile (management, employees, visitors, etc.) – Secure WiFi authentication & bandwidth management – Integration with existing infrastructure – Statistics and reports in compliance with legal obligations


Simple architecture for stores of all sizes – A digital environment with customization of a simple portal – Analysis of collected data compliant with GDPR – Simple authentication and management of access rights