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UCOPIA recently announced that it had joined forces Weblib to create an European leader in Wi-Fi marketing, analytics and secure connectivity. The combined company has a strong and flexible portfolio for our customers and partners, provided at a time when closer understanding of and engagement with Wi-Fi users is paramount.

Transform your wired and wireless networks and adapt to the evolving needs of your business, users and customers. With UCOPIA, Europe’s leading guest access management solution, you can discover new ways to increase engagement with your customer, improving their experience and providing your company with invaluable user information and analysis.

Offer a simple, secure and customizable Wi-Fi access to your staff and visitors, create detailed marketing databases for revenue generation, view comprehensive customer analytics within 24 hours – all with a single software solution.


Students, teachers and staff need the flexibility to connect wherever they are on campus. While connected they should be kept safe from inappropriate content yet still have access to the learning resources they rely on.


Access to a corporate Wi-Fi network must be secure, efficient and smooth. Employees & visitors mobility management has become a mejor consideration for enterprises (BYOD including the professional use of private devices). UCOPIA has provided thousands of solutions from local to large projects. Secure and easily integrated flexibil deployment options, UCOPIA has the knowledge and the experience your business expects.

Public Venues

Whether it’s a stadium, a shopping mall, airport or exhibition center, visitors want to be welcomed with a great mobile experience. It’s about personalised engagement, tailored for each customer. Take the opportunity to help them, connect with them, and entice them though advertising and promotions .


A great – and free – Wi-Fi connection is a key criteria when choosing a hotel. Ease of service provisioning, dynamic promotions, services based on location, and strengthening loyalty programs are some of the benefits of a well-planned Wi-Fi solutions.


The best Wi-Fi solutions enable retailers to build ever-deeper relations with their customers. Knowing who they are, what they want, and how they move and shop in-store. Combined with other data sources this information makes a valuable resource for the marketing and commercial team.

Service Provider

Service providers deliver Wi-Fi as a service to every kind of enterprise, retailer, public venue, or Smart City project. They completely release the customer from technology and capital related investments; charge based on monthly fees and mutualize investments over large numbers of different customers.


Clinicians and patients, administrators and visitors: they all now rely on having personalized, secure access to online medical records and applications, administrative databases and the Internet. Making that connection simple to achieve yet secure and compliant to privacy laws is an important part of any wireless implementation.

Smart cities

City Wi-Fi includes a broad range of projects from Internet access within a tourist office, all the way up to city-wide deployments serving many thousands of citizens. In all cases, Wi-Fi makes it easier to deliver information to the user, promote shopping and entertainment, and deliver better services to everyone.