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Un Wifi Santé, une innovation accessible pour équiper l'hôpital d'un réseau Wi-Fi

A captive portal?

The “Captive Portal” is the authentication page that allows your various users to access your secure Wi-Fi network. Made to measure according to your graphic charter and your projects, you can thus enhance Internet access or highlight new services to optimise the return on investment.

Our customers

More than 1,200 UCOPIA solutions have been deployed in public and private hospitals and clinics to support their digital transformation and lay the foundations for a digital relationship with patients.

Hospital Wi-Fi: multiple applications for health care

Within hospitals or clinics, the installation of Wi-Fi hotspots has many implications. In addition to the comfort provided to patients and visitors, Internet access via a Wi-Fi hotspot makes it possible to deploy new technological solutions for hospital staff. Accessing a patient’s personal file from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet, speeding up diagnosis and treatment in the event of a tight flow of patients, and managing available beds using mobile computing tools: the possibilities offered by a Wi-Fi network in the hospital are numerous!


  • For medical staff: access to patient files and data confidentiality
  • Management of access rights by group (doctors, patients, visitors)
  • Free or paid internet access for your patients
  • Different accesses per zone (room, reception, …)
  • Bandwidth management
  • Compliance with legal obligations

THE UCOPIA SOLUTION for health wifi:

  • Simple authentication of patients and visitors
  • Prioritisation of the bandwidth allocated to each user
  • Strong authentication of healthcare staff
  • Management of access rights by zone, group, time, quotas
  • Security and tracing to comply with legal obligations

Health WiFi and complementary services.

Healthcare facilities (hospitals, clinics, doctors’ surgeries, etc.) rely on a quality healthcare WiFi solution.

To view electronic medical reports, access diagnoses, make prescriptions and consult other important medical applications. Doctors and nurses can access patient records and use medical applications from anywhere in the hospital, while allowing their patients and visitors to connect to the same network securely. Each profile is set up separately to ensure an optimal user experience for all.

Healthcare facilities rely on Wi-Fi Health to support clinical services for patients and staff; private data access for administrators, public access for patients and visitors.

The result is a new medical pathway, enriched by the technology.

“Doctors, patients, administrators and visitors all rely on secure and personalised access to medical records and applications, administrative data and the internet.”

UCOPIA simplifies and secures the connection to respect the confidentiality of data in hospital environments.

Wi-Fi installation: shared and secure access

One of the major difficulties in installing Wi-Fi in a hospital environment is deploying several separate accesses on the same network:

  • A captive portal for public Wi-Fi intended for patients, allowing them to browse the Internet, watch videos or download documents – a visitor Wi-Fi access, either paid or free, accessible through a customisable captive portal with simple authentication
  • A private access only dedicated to hospital staff (doctors, managers, nurses) containing sensitive information, such as patients’ medical records. The implementation of a Wi-Fi captive portal with complex authentication is essential to reinforce the security of connections.

The challenge is to prepare dedicated accesses for each population by configuring profiles based on the needs of each. The deployment of separate connection interfaces makes it possible to guide each profile through its user path. The solutions offered by UCOPIA take full account of these requirements specific to the challenges of the healthcare sector and enable a customised Wi-Fi solution to be set up, respecting the technical specifications:

  • Creation of access rights by user groups: hospital staff, patients, Wi-Fi visitor access, medical students, etc.
  • Compliance with regulations on data confidentiality and processing (RGPD, Anti-Terrorism Act)
  • Integrated analytical tools to improve the level of service provided to different profiles
  • Definition of connections by zones and implementation of free or paid connections
  • Management of throughput via bandwidth
  • URL filtering…

“As a place to live and wait, hospitals can now improve the experience by designing digital experiences specific to each population.”

UCOPIA offers a new communication space
through the Wi-Fi network of healthcare institutions.

Healthcare establishments and Wi-Fi: what solutions?

Whether you want to equip your establishment with Internet access for your patients and/or develop the use of new tools by your employees, setting up a Wi-Fi service requires the support of an expert. From the deployment of Wi-Fi terminals to the design of user experiences, whether digital or physical, the UCOPIA teams will support you. Thanks to our seasoned knowledge of the technical and regulatory aspects, you will be able to create, for example, a Wi-Fi network dedicated to practitioners as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot in the access or waiting areas for visitors. Whatever your technical or budgetary constraints, UCOPIA’s solutions can be adapted to your needs. The monetisation of the Wi-Fi network through the captive portal is able to finance your Wi-Fi health infrastructure project, while significantly improving the quality of stay of patients hospitalised for long periods. UCOPIA offers a wifi solution adapted to healthcare players, implemented in accordance with a strict and demanding regulatory framework.

What are the benefits of a Wi-Fi network in the hospital?

Offering dedicated Wi-Fi access to patients and their families can help improve the image of your institution. Connecting to the Internet via a captive portal can also be offered as a paid option depending on the range of services offered in your establishment. On the other hand, an Internet connection can help people in hospital to wait while they are being treated.

The installation of Wi-Fi terminals is a first step in the digital transformation of healthcare establishments. Indeed, thanks to Wi-Fi and UCOPIA solutions, you can access new data that can improve both the digital experience within your hospital and better manage the physical dimension. Reliable and familiar, the Wi-Fi network will also serve as a pillar for new ways of organising and working for doctors and other healthcare professionals, who are more than ever required to use modern technologies and media.

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