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Proposer un écosystème digital via les réseaux wifi points de vente

A captive portal?

The “Captive Portal” is the authentication page that allows your various users to access your secure Wi-Fi network. Made to measure according to your graphic charter and your projects, you can thus enhance Internet access or highlight new services to optimise the return on investment.

Our customers

More than 650 UCOPIA solutions have been deployed for retail brands to meet the digitalization needs of their points of sale.

Wi-Fi Retail : what is it?

Engage with customers and keep them coming back to the store with an unforgettable digital experience. Make connectivity so simple and your digital experience so inspiring that customers become brand ambassadors.
Knowing who your customers are and what they do digitally in store helps you interact better, deliver outstanding service and design a smarter digital experience through context appropriate promotions.
Integrate your on-line with your in-store shopping experience to improve your customers’ experience, make their visits more frequent welcome them back with a personalised message every time they reconnect.

We add value to your WiFi networks at the point of sale by studying your customers’ needs

Undoubtedly, WiFi technology has become familiar to us, and we tend to take it for granted. However, this proximity to the tool itself sometimes tends to make us forget that such a “wifi installation” also constitutes a great opportunity to offer a different – and above all differentiating – experience to its customers and prospects. This approach is part of the digitalization of shops, which is very topical.
In order for your marketing strategy to integrate all channels, your storytelling tactics must be personalised, because consumer expectations are not a homogeneous set. Improving the customer experience – an extremely important concept in a context of strong competition – therefore requires effective personalisation, according to user profiles.

The needs of the WiFi networks of your points of sale:

  • Easiest possible authentication for customers
  • Centralized, flexible and scalable architecture for shops of all sizes
  • Compatibility with any mobile device, to “reach” the maximum number of consumers
  • A pleasant and above all personalised digital environment
  • Create more effective marketing campaigns because they are better targeted
  • Send relevant messages to your connected customers (promotions, information)
  • Complete reports on customer behaviour
  • Collecting information that meets the various legal obligations in this area
  • Exploit and measure customer satisfaction

Our WiFi marketing network solutions in your points of sale:

  • Simple and flexible authentication to collect your customers’ personal data (self-registration, authentication via social networks) and automatically re-authenticate them
  • Flexible architecture and cost-effective deployment model to manage hundreds of shops from a single data centre
  • Fully customisable digital shop experience
  • Analytics tools to analyse collected data
  • Web injection to provide contextual information to customers and enable marketing campaigns
  • A digital agency in Paris that masters all the ins and outs of these various issues
  • Legal compliance (shop connection data)

« CONNECT your guests, COLLECT information about their behaviour, ENGAGE with them through advertising and promotions.
We Turn Your Wi-Fi Social and bring new traffic to your store ! »

In-store WiFi, an essential lever for your marketing strategy

It is important to understand that WiFi marketing opens up new levers for “engaging” consumers, in a non-intrusive way with an excellent return on investment, in full compliance with the precepts of inbound marketing. Thanks to Proximity Marketing solutions and wifi networks at the point of sale, you will be able to get closer to your customers, both current and potential. Here again, the contribution of a consulting agency with a good reputation can be very profitable.

Having said that, establishing a close relationship with consumers is not an end in itself, and it should be used as a springboard to offer them a first-rate digital experience. This can be achieved through the use of augmented reality, or simply through simple but engaging connectivity, which would motivate your customers to become true “ambassadors” for your brand.

Don’t forget that if you manage to capture the attention of people in your shop with wifi, you have two web pages to learn more about them and to encourage them to discover all or part of your products/services. Indeed, the authentication page represents a captive portal, customisable as desired, as does the redirection page. These are potentially very “powerful” communication tools, but they are too often under-exploited. Let’s not forget either the importance that the simple naming of the network can have, because the name of the Wifi can perfectly convey a message to visitors.

In concrete terms, by offering a quality wifi system that is easy to access, you will encourage people in your shop to use it, and if the authentication portal is pleasant to look at and arouses interest, the probability of accepting cookies increases considerably. From then on, and in full compliance with the RGPD, you will be able to follow the path of these (potential) customers on the Web, and thus refine your understanding of their expectations. It also becomes possible to interact with them efficiently, by offering them a personalised customer service, or even promotional offers – but “tailor-made”, and therefore much more relevant.

Many authors specialising in marketing have established a link between the performance of connected retail in the “combination” to be found between the presence online and in the physical shop, with the retention of its customers. Any good merchandising agency will confirm this. Indeed, the more consumers feel comfortable in a shop where they appreciate transparency – by facilitating the consultation of customer reviews, price comparisons, and interactions on social networks – the greater the chances that they will make purchases, and over time.

The buying process has been completely transformed by e-commerce and the evolution of consumers. Now, digital must be an integral part of the brand’s approach to convince customers.

Wi-Fi, a source of qualified data directly from your shop.

WiFi networks for your points of sale

For physical shops, the wifi network has for too long been perceived as “simple” Internet access, made available free of charge without any real marketing strategy of point of sale digitisation, or for a fee – in which case the vast majority of users preferred to make do with the 3G/4G network of their respective telephone operators. However, a wifi hotspot can – and should – be much more important for retail outlets, as it embraces the much broader issues of big data, customer experience, and more generally the connected shop of tomorrow.

Whether you are looking to collect data on your customers and prospects – without forgetting to specify the profile(s) of your buyer persona(s) – or whether you want to promote product offers in real time (with geolocation, coupled with web injection), without forgetting to build customer loyalty, WiFi marketing has a key role to play. To better assist you in this digital transformation made possible by the implementation of WiFi in shops, the UCOPIA teams are at your disposal.

With more than 15 years’ experience in this very specific field, and more than 12,000 solutions deployed throughout the world, the UCOPIA marketing agency will be able to bring your connected shop into the retail 2.0 era. It should also be noted that the latter is, in essence, multi-channel, by combining e-commerce and sales in physical contact points. Reconciling these two dimensions, which are often opposed to each other, is obviously not an easy task, but it is the objective towards which we must strive.

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