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Le portail captif wifi d'un hôtel, une mine d'or pour la satisfaction client.


A captive portal?

The “Captive Portal” is the authentication page that allows your various users to access your secure Wi-Fi network. Made to measure according to your graphic charter and your projects, you can thus enhance Internet access or highlight new services to optimise the return on investment.

Our customers

More than 3,500 UCOPIA solutions have been deployed in the hotel industry to support the digital transformation of hotels and their needs, including

  • Best Western Opera

Wi-Fi in hospitality: It starts with digital welcome

A great – and free – Wi-Fi connection is a key criteria when choosing lodgings.
Made to suit any type of business from small guesthouse or camping site to five star establishments, UCOPIA provides a flexible and easy solution to connect guests securely, allowing them to stay in touch with friends and family, find out about local attractions, book tickets and access online entertainment. Were you aware that customers run for the Wi-Fi connection in less than 5 minutes of arriving in a hotel?

Wifi hospitality: a helpful hand to better understand your customers.

With the development of a Wi-Fi hospitality, you will be able to capitalise on your network to get in touch with your clients in real-time with tailored messages, having gathered and analysed essential data from them during the Wi-Fi registration process and incorporated this into your existing databases and CRM systems.

Wi-Fi Analytics & Wi-Fi Marketing services allow the venue to gather data on their guests and to promote their offers in real-time through advertising campaigns.
The establishment can thus design loyalty programs and promote its business through targeted marketing campaigns.


  • Straighforward connection to Wi-Fi
  • Guest access in their own language
  • High bandwidth for premium guests
  • Integration with existing IT
  • No additional work from staff to support guests’ access
  • Deeper customer engagement (deliver offers, vouchers, promote local services)
  • Compliance with GDPR and anti-terrorism laws.


  • Easy to deploy, easy to operate Wi-Fi and independent guest access all-inone solution
  • Fast login and authentication
  • PMS compliance (FIDELIO certification)
  • Support of 16 different languages (including European, Chinese, Russian, Arabic)
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Push messages in real time to increase customer engagement
  • Manage and store sessions & activity logs

“Our objective was to be able to offer a fast Wi-Fi connection to our customers while respecting the law. We are really satisfied with the UCOPIA solution. The whole team appreciates the ease of administration and our customers are happy to finally be able to connect to a secure Wi-Fi network.”

Pierre Bayle,
Director of the Atrium Hotel (Blagnac)

Deploy your wifi installation in the hotel industry in complete security and easily connect your customers

UCOPIA and its partners offer you a complete service for the hotel industry, from setting up your hotel Wifi to managing a network infrastructure:

  1. Deployment of your wifi hotspot in your hotel
  2. Network coverage of the hotel via a secure captive portal
  3. Customisation of your WiFi captive portal.
  4. Monitoring and monetisation of your WiFi solution

We offer a wide range of solutions that integrate all aspects of digital transformation. If you wish to give your hotel a resolutely modern image, in order to attract business clients for example, the use of phygital is essential. Usually associated with the world of marketing, phygital makes sense in the hotel sector. It is based on the use of analytical tools, which allow you to decipher the preferences and trends of your clientele and anticipate their expectations. Such opportunities allow you to build a connected hotel, in line with the evolution of your business. The wifi hotspot will then become a means for you to envisage all the future developments brought about by mobile technologies: use of connected objects and artificial intelligence, digital instore, digital signage, etc.

Wifi solutions for hotels adapted to the challenges of hotel professionals

We live in a hyper-connected environment: as a hotelier, it is essential to offer your customers the best possible experience during their stay in your establishment. Installing hotel wifi is no longer just a competitive advantage. It is a requirement that meets the demands of your guests and can help you to drive your business through targeted marketing. However, the deployment of a visitor wifi cannot be improvised.

In the age of digital and user experience, the hotel and restaurant sector is looking for solutions to enrich each customer’s visit. But in this hyper-competitive sector, with long and intense days, how can you take the time to offer a differentiating and unique experience for each customer?

Wi-Fi: a lever of opportunity for the hotel industry.

CONNECT your guests, COLLECT information about their behaviour and ENGAGE them through offers and promotional campaigns.

While a Wi-Fi network may seem like a simple cost item or just a nice service to offer your guests, it actually has many benefits you probably don’t realise. As soon as a public hotspot is made available, it is mandatory for you to comply with legal requirements, which will then become a fabulous engagement lever. Tailor-made guest access can therefore meet the needs of the hospitality industry: from family-run businesses to large chains and 5-star hotels.

Offering an immersive experience is a necessity for the hotel industry.

UCOPIA allows you to connect your establishment in a flexible and efficient manner while remaining serene.

Whether it is due to technical constraints or to take your customers on a journey through the digital universe developed by your hotel, the personalisation of this digital experience is possible thanks to UCOPIA solutions.

Our objective is to give you the keys to improve the digital experience of your customers, to better understand them and thus be able to communicate relevant information to them, tailored to their needs and in real time.

“The UCOPIA Advance solution allows us to control our Wi-Fi network much better. We know who uses it and for what purpose. With this information, we are able to define tailor-made promotional campaigns for our guests and visitors.

Russell Phillips
Celtic Manor

What are the advantages of a wifi installation for a hotel?

Whatever the status of your establishment, ensuring and guaranteeing the comfort of your customers is undoubtedly your primary objective. However, the expectations of your customers, whether they are professionals or individuals, have evolved. Offering wifi in a hotel room is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. A connection via a poor quality captive wifi portal can damage your brand image. Most guests want to use the Internet through Wi-Fi without interruptions or slowness, to watch videos, download documents, access premium services or surf the web.

It’s about turning your establishment into a truly connected hotel, capable of offering a flawless connection in rooms, common areas, restaurants and meeting rooms. In any case, the installation of a hotel wifi will be a value-added service that will help attract and retain your customers.

Indeed, WiFi in a hotel room is no longer limited to a range of standard services, restricted to the sole connection via a captive WiFi portal. It is now essential to provide a personalised browsing experience for each guest, based on their native language and profile. Analytical data, collected in accordance with privacy regulations, is a valuable source of information for the hospitality industry.

Getting to know your clientele better thanks to hotel wifi can help you improve the comfort level of your establishment and define offers that are more in line with the requirements of your market. In this respect, hotel Wi-Fi is the basis for new perspectives in which information and communication technologies play a special role. From the virtualisation of the customer experience to the deployment of a digital instore, there is only one step that the technological tools will allow you to take. Thanks to its experience in the creation and installation of wifi for hotels, UCOPIA enables you to make your customers’ reception more profitable. Our professional solutions allow wifi terminals to become sustainable growth levers for your establishment.

Wifi installation: what is the regulatory framework?

Our service dedicated to hotel WiFi raises regulatory issues that hoteliers must be fully aware of and understand. The provision of a public wifi hotspot requires compliance with the rules relating to data processing and confidentiality. This is why it is preferable to entrust the deployment of a wifi hotspot for hotels to a professional. UCOPIA offers to set up a wifi network for hotels or a connection portal, often called a captive portal, in full compliance with legislation: RGPD, Anti-Terrorism Act. Discover our wifi solutions for hotels.

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