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More than 50 references :

  • Hub One
  • Diademys

Easy to deploy, secure, measurable and monetisable business WiFi solution

UCOPIA, a company with experience in wireless connection and user data monetisation, offers your customers the opportunity to entertain, work, communicate and even share thanks to customised captive portals. Monetize your customers’ audience (geolocalized and targeted advertising, big data…) to make the initial investment profitable.
In addition to this optimal connectivity, UCOPIA guarantees the security of your network, whether it is public or private, and the personalisation of the digital experience for each of your customers.

Services Providers & Wi-Fi Operators

For Wi-Fi operators, this familiar technology represents both the opportunity to offer new services to customers and a business model to better meet the expectations of different end customers.

Whatever the sector or the market, customers expect brands and venues to offer a Wi-Fi network, in most cases: free, secure and efficient.

From cost item to monetisable service!

Thanks to an in-house French R&D department, Ucopia’s solutions are in tune with customer feedback and wi-fi operators to offer a range of products that meet the various expectations of stakeholders. With solutions capable of authenticating up to 100,000 users in simultaneous connections and able to handle peak connection loads, Ucopia is proud to equip and collaborate with a large number of WiFi operators and service providers.


  • Manage multiple clients on a single server
  • Flexible architecture
  • Simple and easy authentication
  • A customizable environment
  • A monetization tool


  • Multi-client management
  • Architecture flexibility: on-site with centralized management or private cloud.
  • Simple and flexible authentication
  • Tools for personalizing the digital environment
  • Definition of flexible packs
  • Data collection and analytics
  • Marketing and monetization

And with Smart Wifi:

  • create a design and modern landing page
  • know your customers to better engage with them
  • in-store track & custom the analytics experience
  • promote with targeted coupons, loyalty programs & newsletters
  • consumer data privacy

« We appreciate the proximity
and the availability of the UCOPIA team »

Dan Michel

A turnkey Wi-Fi portal to connect your customers

Getting online is a must in modern society. Today, not to connect is to be on the fringes of society, and away from the greatest interactions, opinions and information that are discussed on the Internet, through the multiple social networks. Your customers may be looking to move away from a rather mediocre connection system, with multiple problems: very slow connection; unprotected network; no stability… This is why UCOPIA is putting a new, much simpler process at your service, for optimal, wireless connectivity. Through UCOPIA’s operated solutions, your customers will now be able to work serenely, with full control of the Wi-Fi network, and manageable as you wish.

A customised hotspot connection that meets your customers’ needs

There is no longer any question of your customers wasting their time by spending money on an unsatisfactory Wi-Fi connection. UCOPIA saves you this kind of inconvenience, with offers tailored to your operator needs. Depending on the expectations of each customer, you will be able to choose the connection methods that suit them best (social networks, sponsorship, forms, etc.). UCOPIA’s solutions enable you to satisfy your Wi-Fi connection customers, whether they are VSEs, SMEs or larger companies. Whatever the number of users, you will be able to offer reliable and customised connectivity, the starting point for their future digital experience.

100% customisable wifi offer for diverse needs

For many companies, choosing to install public or private Wi-Fi means deciding to offer a new service. As an Operator, you can help them with each of their questions. First of all, it is a question of determining the number of users required. Then it is easy to choose the right bandwidth and a constant throughput, whether it is to be shared between thirty users or even thousands. A star hotel, for example, will be able to provide its customers with a stable connection, capable of functioning normally with hundreds or even thousands of users connected simultaneously. Everything is therefore customisable, so that everyone can find what they need. Operators can host UCOPIA solutions that support a large number of simultaneous connections, which they can then distribute among their various customers. By controlling this entire ecosystem from a Cloud interface, operators can help their customers monetise their Wi-Fi.

UCOPIA services and support

UCOPIA’s services can intervene at various stages: whether it is upstream of the deployment to enable your customers to access a connection that respects a coherent digital experience. But also to ensure that the various information is fed back according to the Wi-Fi terminals installed. Also to ensure the technical feasibility according to the precise needs reported by the customer or the operator. Finally, to ensure that the necessary skills are passed on for proper use and management of the solution on a daily basis. As a last resort, UCOPIA’s consulting or support teams remain available to guarantee your customers’ satisfaction. Finally, UCOPIA’s expertise also extends to the field of user experience to design, with you or your customers, the digital journey best suited to each individual’s usage.

The benefits of connecting with UCOPIA

With more than 15 years of expertise in Wi-Fi connectivity, operators can invest in tested and validated solutions for up to 100,000 users and easily manage their entire network from a single 100% cloud interface. This represents an opportunity to add value to the Wi-Fi network of a majority of customers and to administer it on a daily basis without losing time. With UCOPIA, continue to broaden your horizons with new services for your customers: whether it’s monetising the Wi-Fi connection, enhancing new services, or for example promoting a new item at the point of sale. You will even be able to create events, animations of all kinds and offer ever more interesting services to your customers, who were just asking for a stable and unlimited connection. UCOPIA’s vision integrates the needs of customers from different sectors and continues to innovate to offer a growing digital dimension.

Optimal security for your network

UCOPIA can complement security solutions to offer physical protection to protect you from all kinds of hacking. By precisely setting the different rights of each of the user profiles on the Wi-Fi network, you can control the activity of each person at a glance. Since its creation, UCOPIA has been committed to respecting the digital privacy of users, which is a guarantee of quality for both visitors and customers.

Compliance with current Wi-Fi legislation

UCOPIA, a leading company in Wi-Fi connectivity, complies with the legislation in force concerning the collection and use of user data. Very closely involved with the CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) for the respect of the General Data Protection Regulation (RGPD), UCOPIA assists both operators and customers in complying with this legislation. UCOPIA also guarantees the proper conservation of logs to protect the client in the event of a judicial requisition as stipulated in the 2006 Anti-Terrorism Act.


UCOPIA offers tailor-made solutions and above all an impeccable connection, so that every user can benefit from an optimal speed. Thanks to specific developments for operators, UCOPIA offers simplified administration for large fleets of operated solutions. Building on this expertise, the company is expanding its service offering by developing an analytics solution to refine knowledge of Wi-Fi users and then propose new means of engagement through proximity marketing.

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