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Offering WiFi to your customers: launching your digital transformation

Offer Customer Wifi access is something we got used to, as users, over the last past years but it is something that would have been unthinkable before the arrival of smartphones and IoT. How could bars, hotels, restaurants and other local shops could have anticipated the advent of these new technologies?

A crowded hotel lobby because it is the only free Wifi hotspot available, a restaurant transformed into a photo exhibition where every dish is immortalized or a coffee terrace where the discussions are complemented with digital interactions… The digital transformation of our society continues, it is inevitable! We can only accompany it and design it so it is more and more human centric to make sure all these evolutions are meaningful.

Providing Customers WiFi thus becomes essential to be part of those new digital ambassadors and successfully adapt to consumers and little by little answer to their new needs. This is a step that can be part of a greater thinking as this study from Newswire highlights.


Customer Wifi access: what is at stake?

If it is a legal requirement, especially here in Europe, to keep the users logs of your network, this gives you essentially the opportunity to think about your customers digital path. What are their expectations and how do they use the WiFi network you are offering them?
How to improve their experience in your venue and go beyond the basic but essential step of offering customer Wifi?
Thanks to the identification of these different steps, you will be able gradually to mature your digital strategy and develop your business lever actions. Because if the customers’ needs and uses evolve, your job must accomplish a similar course in parallel to succeed the panting challenge of the digital transformation. On top of satisfying your existing customers, there are hundreds or even thousands of potential customers that you could invite into a single ecosystem: yours.

Since 2002, UCOPIA has been the digital partner for small and large French and European companies to develop their connectivity solutions and to meet the needs of users. If offering WiFi to customers is the first step of this great digital journey, with more than 13,000 customers and 180,000 equipped hotspots, we are able to find together the solutions that will meet your expectations.