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Have you ever considered adding value to your Wi-Fi network? Getting a revenue-generating feature, a higher rate of return and more new arrivals?

Whatever your business, UCOPIA adds value to your existing Wi-Fi network by enabling you to connect your customers and prospects to your Wi-Fi network, collect information to get to know them better and engage with them in a variety of ways.


Easily connect visitors and enhance their experience by offering them a free, smooth and simple connection. Ensure high-speed connectivity, secure your network and meet legal requirements.

Design your own portal using our wizard editor – select one of our predefined templates or fully customise your captive portal.

End-users only need to log in once, and you can choose how you want them to connect (form, social media, sponsorship, etc.).


Make the data you collect your own and enhance your existing database. UCOPIA provides you with an analytical dashboard to better understand the use of your network, the profile of your customers and prospects and their behaviour.


Use the data collected to adjust your promotional campaign and build targeted, personalised campaigns.

With over 12,000 solutions deployed worldwide and ½ billion devices connected to UCOPIA in 2015, we are a leader in guest access management, Wi-Fi analytics and Wi-Fi marketing services.

Our solutions are designed to meet the needs of any business, regardless of size, and we also help our customers, whatever their industry, to comply with the legal obligations on data privacy and connection data storage required by the forthcoming European Data Protection Regulation.