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Running a business today means dealing with numerous challenges, especially when it comes to providing secure, reliable Wifi. At Ucopia and Weblib, we understand these challenges truly. 

Ensuring secure Wifi access, delivering a personalized user experience, complying with regulations like GDPR, and managing high-density networks efficiently are just a few of the hurdles.

Handling guest and temporary user accounts can be cumbersome, and network congestion without effective bandwidth and traffic control causes slowdowns and frustration. 

Implementing secure, seamless payment options for premium services is complex, and managing a growing fleet of IoT devices adds another layer of difficulty.

These issues can become overwhelming without a robust Wifi solution.As the European leader in wireless connectivity, Ucopia, founded in 2002, has developed cutting-edge Wifi security technology that’s used globally. A few hundred millions sessions are handled every year by Ucopia solutions, with around 400 MB handled for each of them. That’s a colossal amount of data, and we handle it all seamlessly.

In 2019, Ucopia was acquired by Weblib, a company specializing in digital solutions for retail, corporate, and public spaces. Together, we’ve continued to lead the way in providing high-density Wifi solutions tailored to sectors like education, hospitality, healthcare, and transport.

Take, for example, a large university campus that needed to provide secure, high-speed Wifi for its students, faculty, and visitors. The existing network struggled with security issues, poor user experience, and frequent congestion, especially during peak hours.

By implementing Ucopia’s solution, the university could see a significant improvement. Our robust security features, including various authentication methods like 802.1x, EAP, social login, and directory services such as LDAP/Active Directory, ensured only authorized users could access the network, protecting sensitive data.

The customizable captive portal allows the university to create a tailored experience with branding, advertisements, and user-specific information, keeping users engaged and satisfied.

Regulatory compliance is another strength of ours. We support various legal and regulatory requirements, providing the tools needed to meet these obligations and ensure data protection and user identification compliance.

Efficient network management is made possible through scalable and flexible deployment architectures—mono-site, multi-site, inline, out-of-band—that support virtualization, high availability, and centralized management. This means we can adapt to different environments and scale according to the number of users and devices.

Managing user accounts becomes a breeze with our delegated administration portal. It enables easy creation, management, and customization of user accounts.

Administrators can generate bulk accounts, manage refill codes, and set validity periods, making it perfect for events and guest access management. We also provide tools for bandwidth management, traffic and URL filtering, and data volume quotas.

These features help prevent network congestion, ensuring a fair distribution of resources among users and maintaining network performance.

For businesses looking to monetize their Wifi, we integrate with payment systems.. This integration allows businesses to offer secure and seamless paid Wifi services, enhancing user experience and creating monetization opportunities. Businesses can also easily manage advertising, with tracking of the number of views and the profiles of the audience. 

Managing IoT devices is also streamlined with Ucopia, which provides granular access control and monitoring for unmanaged IoT devices, ensuring they don’t compromise network security or performance.

Our solution architecture includes two main components: the controller, which handles user registration and authentication, access control, automatic detection and correction of misconfigured flows, Quality of Service (QoS), and user traffic traceability;

And Ucopia Online Services (UWS), offering remote administration, access controller configuration, corporate security and mobility policy definition, maintenance supervision, and alert creation. These features make Ucopia a versatile and powerful solution for both private and public organizations.

Our offerings aren’t just about connectivity—they’re about creating a comprehensive digital experience. Our solutions cater to both private businesses and public venues, enabling organizations to deliver secure, high-performance Wifi while engaging users and meeting regulatory requirements.

The integration of Weblib Smart Wifi product further enhances our capabilities, providing a powerful SaaS platform for captive portal management and digital engagement.

In a world where connectivity is crucial, Ucopia stands out as the European leader in high-density Wifi solutions. With robust security features, customizable user experiences, and comprehensive network management tools, we address the challenges businesses face today.

Whether in education, hospitality, healthcare, or any other sector, we provide the reliability and performance needed to keep users connected and satisfied.

Are you ready to transform your Wifi connectivity? Contact us today to learn more about how Ucopia can meet your specific needs and provide a secure, high-performance wireless solution for your organization. 

Don’t let connectivity challenges hold you back—partner with Ucopia and experience the future of wireless connectivity.