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Discover useful and concrete advice for easily digitizing amusement parks. Here is an 8-point checklist to explore how theme parks use Wifi technology to optimize their operations and enhance customer service:


1.Wifi Infrastructure: 

  • Check the availability of a robust Wifi infrastructure throughout the park. 
  • Review Wifi coverage to ensure it reaches all strategic points in the park.


2.Easy Connection: 

  • Ensure that visitors can quickly and easily connect to the Wifi network. 
  • Check if the authentication process is user-friendly.


3.Data Collection: 



  • Analyze how Wifi is used to personalize the visitor experience. 
  • Check for any special offers or recommendations based on online behavior.


5.Real-time Communication: 

  • Check if Wifi enables visitors to receive real-time updates on wait times, special events, etc. 
  • Examine how the park communicates with visitors via Wifi in case of emergencies.


6.Mobile Applications: 

  • Check if the park offers a mobile application to help visitors navigate and make the most of their day. 
  • Examine the application’s features related to Wifi.



  • Review the security protocols in place to protect the Wifi network. 
  • Check if visitors are aware of security risks associated with the use of public Wifi.


8.Customer Feedback: 

  • Check if the park collects feedback from visitors about their Wifi experience. 
  • Examine how this feedback is taken into account to improve services.


This checklist can help assess how a theme park uses Wifi technology to enhance its operations and provide better customer service. It can serve as a starting point for a complete evaluation of the Wi-Fi experience in a given park or to launch a digitalization project and integration of a new Wi-Fi solution in the park. It is also a checklist that can be adapted for a similar project for events, festivals, or any other public places.