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UCOPIA takes part in Euro 2016 in its own way.  Didier Plateau, CEO of UCOPIA, was interviewed by Channel News. We invite you to find the highlights of the interview below!


1. UCOPIA is no longer just about securing and managing Wi-Fi networks…

Securing and managing Wi-Fi networks are of course fundamental and long-lasting elements of the UCOPIA offer. And the solutions make it possible to comply with the legal obligations of the 2006 anti-terrorist law for France or the future European law.

Our strategy has, of course, evolved in recent years and new functionalities have been developed to allow the maintenance of a link between the user and the place/point of sale offering the Wi-Fi connection.

With the user’s consent, UCOPIA collects information that its customers can use to better understand their audience (profile, behavior). This is what we call Wi-Fi Analytics.

This service is complemented by a Wi-Fi Marketing module to allow real-time communication with the user in order to offer relevant services for the latter.

Our customers are large public places such as stadiums, airports, hotels, shopping centers or shops. UCOPIA is thus present in many stadiums hosting Euro 2016!

UCOPIA is also working more and more with operators. We are thus present, with our analytical and marketing functionalities, on the buses connecting Paris to the airports of Orly and Charles de Gaulle with our partner QOS Telecom. Aérolis, the subsidiary of Keolis, which provides this top-of-the-range link, offers free Wi-Fi to its users and wishes to take advantage of the time devoted to transport to exchange with the traveler and serve him better. To do this, QOS has developed a captive portal in the colors of Le Bus Direct, which allows users to connect in one click while providing them with an easy and secure high-speed Internet connection.

Recently, UCOPIA also announced its partnership with Toluna, allowing the realization of online surveys to collect user opinions.


2. A few figures on the UCOPIA partner network

UCOPIA operates on a 2/3 model with distributors serving resellers. In France, a country where the brand has historically been present, this network is well established. In Germany and the UK, the brand has more and more active dealers and development is underway in other regions.

In 2015, all regions combined, UCOPIA’s turnover was generated by more than 200 active partners.


3. Turnover and workforce of UCOPIA

In 2015, the company achieved 6 million euros in turnover and shows growth of between 20% and 30% per year.

The UCOPIA team is made up of 55 people, including 40 in France, in Montrouge where the head office is located.


4. Development projects?

With the strong international expansion experienced by UCOPIA in recent years, and in particular the opening of offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States and the Middle East, no new openings are planned in the coming months.

As far as the solution itself is concerned, the Wi-Fi Marketing service is in a consolidation phase and our desire is to work more and more with the Marketing departments, in addition to the IT departments.

For the full article, head over to the Channel News site!