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OLYMPIA LONDON monetises its wireless network with UCOPIA

Olympia London is one of the most popular conference and exhibition venues in the world. Opened in 1886 and located in West Kensington (London, England) the venue can now handle multiple events in 5 main spaces simultaneously and host up to 23,000 visitors at one time. eForce is the dedicated IT Company responsible for the venue’s technical facilities, including the wireless network.

“The level of customisation of the UCOPIA solution is unmatched compared to the other Guest access solutions we looked at.”

Amir Vered, Head of eForce


The Challenge

“UCOPIA was the missing piece from the puzzle, we already covered the venue with Ruckus wireless APs but had no level of control over the network to monitor the bandwidth and the users’ navigation” explained Amir VERED, head of eForce at Olympia London. “We needed to develop our solution further as we wanted to provide easy authentication and monetise our network as well” he added.


The solution

With UCOPIA, Olympia London manages multiple SSIDs with respective rights and authentication processes for exhibitors, organizers and visitors.

“Visitors have a free Wi-Fi access that effectively enables them to check their emails or navigate online. Organizers can customize their captive portal according to their brand image and offer connection packages to their exhibitors.”

“We bought the UCOPIA solution because it was bespoke for us. The UCOPIA teams are really supportive and pay attention to our feedback to improve things.


The Development of analytics

“As the events come and go, we appreciate UCOPIA’s data collection functionality as a way to help organizers get to know their exhibitors and visitors” said Amir Vered.

Olympia London uses registration forms to gather specific information from the users. This information can then be analyzed through the UCOPIA Wi-Fi Analytics tool available on the Web Services Platform. “We are currently testing the new features of version 5. We need to provide organizers with some usage reports we can create directly on the Web Services Platform.”

Amir Vered concluded, “It has been a journey for us to customize the solution according to our needs, but the UCOPIA team is available and listens to our feedback in order to release the appropriate features in upcoming versions of the software. We are very happy with the solution.