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Weblib, the leader in digital solutions for retail, hospitality and public spaces, has joined forces with UCOPIA, the leader in high-density Wi-Fi connectivity.

In addition to its strong presence in the retail and hospitality sectors, “Weblib will now also benefit from UCOPIA’s expertise in other sectors such as universities, hospitals, corporate headquarters, hotels, stadiums or airports” explains Arthur Philbé, Weblib’s co-founder and the merged entity’s new CEO.

Over the years, Weblib has developed several solutions for in-store digitization. For instance Smart Wifi is a cloud based Wi-Fi solution with advanced marketing functionalities. UCOPIA’s partners have already showed strong interest, as it completes its portfolio. Weblib also offers a mobile device management (MDM) software, Tab inStore and an ordering solution via Wi-Fi for restaurants, Smilein.

Weblib will leverage UCOPIA’s indirect sales partners network, that the company has been developing since its creation in 2002. « The merger of our companies is a great opportunity for UCOPIA’s resellers who wish to accelerate their evolution towards innovative digital solutions » says Sébastien Bloch, UCOPIA’s Head of Sales.

« The new entity formed by the merger of Weblib and UCOPIA will have increased resources to improve the existing offer and develop new innovative solutions »
explains Florian Galby, co-founder of Weblib.

Channel training on the new offer will start in the coming months. « Distributors and resellers will be getting training in order to master an effective sales pitch » concludes Arthur Philbé.

The combined product portfolio will grow stronger, but Weblib’s message is clear : UCOPIA’s notoriety within the channel ecosystem is unquestionable and the brand name will remain.