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Large events, such as festivals, conferences, trade shows and concerts, are special moments when thousands of people come together to share unique experiences. In this professional world, reliable and efficient connectivity has become an essential service for organizers, employees and participants alike. Access to high-density WiFi temporarily for the smooth running of the event is now an essential element. Being able to support a large number of simultaneous connections for just a few days is a real challenge. Knowing that thousands of attendees are eager to stay connected, share memorable moments and stay informed throughout the event, there is a real opportunity to use this connection to your advantage and also offer a new experience. A brief breakdown of the new experiences in this article around high-density temporary WiFi for major events.


Why is temporary WiFi essential for large events?

The primary goal is to provide connectivity for all. Quality, well-deployed temporary WiFi can provide reliable, stable connectivity to a large number of participants simultaneously, thus guaranteeing smooth connection for all event stakeholders: organizers, employees, participants, etc. C It is therefore an essential tool for the smooth running of the event.

But it’s also a good way to satisfy viewers who want to be able to share photos and videos, and access essential information instantly. This real-time sharing on social networks contributes to promoting the event and increasing its visibility: it is therefore also beneficial for you!

Another significant advantage of setting up a temporary high-density WiFi solution is that it can be used to collect data on participants. This allows organizers to gain valuable information about spectator behavior, habits, and preferences. And the analysis of these will allow organizers to adapt their strategies and improve future events.

Not all solutions are equivalent in terms of quality and performance. To prevent your spectators from the unpleasant surprise of a poor connection on site, preventing the sharing of photos for example, then you should not neglect the investment in good temporary high-density Wi-Fi infrastructure.


How to use your Temporary High Density Wifi to improve the customer experience?

Spectators of a major event like to share their highlights on social networks, broadcast live videos and interact with other enthusiasts. Temporary WiFi allows everyone to stay connected and share these special moments.

So the simple fact that there is no interruption and that the connection is stable and fluid for users so that they can achieve what they want online helps to avoid points of friction and to satisfy them. .

But the major advantage is the possibility of using your WiFi as a real marketing tool! It is possible to set up captive portals (personalized interfaces) accessible by simple WiFi connection.

Organizers can therefore use WiFi to disseminate important information and services to attendees: such as event plans, show times, special offers, remote ordering at the stand, setting up a kitty as a means of payment, etc. Your users will have access to information and your services very quickly.

It’s up to you to reinvent the routes and services during your event, and Wifi will be your tool to get there!


How to Set Up Successful Temporary Wifi

Needs Assessment:

Identify your event’s specific connectivity needs. How many participants do you expect? What types of devices are used? How much coverage is needed? What rights for which users? For what use?

Planning :

Work with an experienced temporary WiFi service provider to create a deployment plan that meets your needs. Be sure to consider redundancy to avoid service interruptions.

Deployment :

Implement the temporary WiFi network following the established plan. Make sure access points are properly distributed for even coverage.

Monitoring and Maintenance:

During the event, continuously monitor the network. Make sure you have a technical team available to quickly resolve any issues.


Why choose Ucopia for your temporary WiFi

Advanced expertise:

Ucopia has extensive expertise in providing WiFi solutions for large events. We understand the unique challenges organizers face and we have the skills to meet them with high-performance, high-density solutions.


Our temporary WiFi solutions can be fully customized to meet the specific needs of your event. Whether you need on-premises or cloud-based infrastructure, we have a solution. Combined with the Smart Wifi solution, you can also offer personalized interfaces to your users.

Centralized management:

With our management platform, you can monitor and manage your WiFi network in real time, ensuring stable and secure connectivity for all participants. You can also configure access rights based on your users’ profiles.

Dedicated support:

Our support team is available to help you every step of the way, from planning to setting up and maintaining your temporary WiFi network.


To sum up

Wifi has become an essential element of major events. It facilitates the sharing of experiences, provides essential access to information and offers valuable data collection opportunities for organizers.

To guarantee the success of your next big event, invest in high-performance temporary Wi-Fi with a large capacity for simultaneous connections, then to go further, offer a personalized experience. Wifi goes beyond simple connectivity, it is now a tool in its own right to implement targeted communication and marketing actions for these users in order to optimize the on-site experience.