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High added-value technology: Hub One, a group providing information and communication technology services in professional environments, and UCOPIA, a European leader in access management, monetisation and proximity marketing, are combining their expertise to help businesses operate and optimise their Wi-Fi infrastructure. The two partners will be offering a tailor-made joint package.


What levers can be used to highlight companies’ digital strategies?

Faced with growing demand for connectivity, owning a Wi-Fi infrastructure is now becoming essential for businesses and venues that welcome the public. More than just a means of connecting to the Internet, Wi-Fi is now a value-added marketing tool for attracting and retaining customers or visitors, and promoting products or services.

To meet these new needs and uses, Hub One and UCOPIA are combining their expertise as operators and publishers to offer an innovative solution based on the use of Wi-Fi with a marketing service and audience monetisation. This new offering will be aimed at all businesses, particularly those in the retail sector and large public places.

“This partnership with Hub One, which marks the launch of a unique offering operated entirely with our solution, enables us to consolidate our leadership in the field of proximity marketing and Wi-Fi monetisation,” says Didier Plateau, CEO of UCOPIA. “Our concerted approach to the market and the complementary nature of our solutions and expertise mean that we are as close as possible to our customers’ needs.

“We are delighted with this partnership with UCOPIA, a recognised player in the field, which will enable us to support our customers and help them transform Wi-Fi into a genuine source of profit”, concludes Jérôme Remars, Partnership Manager, Telecom Division, Hub One.



UCOPIA is the European leader in Wi-Fi connectivity and customised proximity experience (UX). The company capitalises on the enormous potential of wireless networks to transform the way people work, collaborate, communicate, learn and play. UCOPIA’s access management solutions are secure, easy to use and adaptable to all heterogeneous and complex environments. UCOPIA transforms the Wi-Fi network into an intelligent proximity media via an analytical Wi-Fi offering that considerably enriches the customer experience by giving them the right information, at the right time and in the right place. UCOPIA’s solutions and services are aimed at various market segments, including enterprises – from SMEs to major accounts – retail, healthcare, large public places, education and the hotel industry, supported by a worldwide network of reseller partners. Founded in 2002 and with a staff of 45, UCOPIA is headquartered in Paris and also has a direct presence in the UK, Germany and Dubai.


About Hub One

Hub One is a group providing information and communication technology services in professional environments. Hub One designs and implements the digitalisation of professions, locations and uses. Hub One draws on its experience in the airport environment to provide tailor-made solutions to the critical real-time operational needs of major accounts and SMEs.

Our staff provide an end-to-end service, from the core network to the terminal, from deployment in project mode to maintenance in operational conditions. Our solutions and expertise combine the businesses of fixed, radio and mobile telecoms operator, mobility and traceability integrator, and all associated services.