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The Rugby World Cup 2023 promises to be an unforgettable international sporting event, bringing together fans from all over the world to celebrate their passion for rugby. Beyond the excitement on the pitch, this event also offers a unique opportunity to put the spotlight on different host cities such as Paris, Toulouse, Lille… And of course the question of how these cities will be connected for this tournament arises. In this article, we explore how connected cities play a vital role in the success of Rugby World Cup 2023.


Connected Cities and the fan experience

While city connectivity is useful and necessary in everyday life, it is even more so during a major tournament to support fans and enhance their experience. Here are a few key points on which fans will be demanding that cities provide.

Fluid, widespread connectivity :

Today’s fans are constantly connected. They expect seamless connectivity throughout the city to share their highlights in real time, interact with other fans and access essential information about the event. Connected cities need to offer extensive WiFi coverage supporting a large number of simultaneous connections to meet these needs.

Simplified mobility and real-time information:

The Rugby World Cup 2023 will require fans to travel smoothly to the stadiums and the festivities. Information and signage are therefore essential, but digital tools can also be very useful. Offering a digital map with timetables for activities and matches, as well as transport routes to get there, is becoming essential.


The legacy of the Connected Cities event

The legacy of connected cities is not limited to the event itself. The digital infrastructure put in place for the Rugby World Cup 2023 will benefit citizens long after the tournament is over, improving the quality of urban life.

It is therefore a first step towards new digital innovations to digitalise cities. These include intelligent energy management systems, urban traffic optimisation systems, etc.



The Rugby World Cup 2023 is the ideal opportunity to optimise and propose new digital actions to make cities even more connected. Thanks to seamless connectivity, real-time information and simplified mobility, connected cities are redefining the rugby fan experience for this tournament. The Rugby World Cup 2023 will be both a major sporting event and a showcase for the future of smart, connected cities.