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Welcome to the era of retail 2.0: a new mutation with the use of digital and WiFi

New technologies are pushing the boundaries of consumption. There was e-commerce, then m-commerce; today, connected speakers and artificial intelligence and social networks are changing the situation, particularly with the arrival of “click to shop” which allows you to order a product directly from an Instagram post, without leaving the application. Any communication channel can potentially be integrated into the purchasing journey and transformed into a sales channel to attract ever more connected, alert and… demanding consumers. For them, we no longer speak of an “act of purchasing”, but of a “purchasing process”: the positioning, the state of mind and the values of the brand then have as much value as the product itself.

To satisfy ever more picky customers, new technologies are put at the service of the user experience to guarantee the substitution of mass marketing for the advent of ultra-personalization. And Wi-Fi, now widespread, is now used as a marketing tool to reach consumers.

Omnichannel Strategy

Use of Data

Personalized marketing

User experience

Conversion and loyalty

Benefit from the best of digitalization to personalize the purchasing journey!

French people begin their wandering on the Internet
French people finalize their purchase in store.
the conversion rate of Séphora sellers thanks to the application